1. Description

This document describes the known errata found on the LPC4350-DB1 evaluation boards.

2. Marking

All devices are marked with the Diolan and Arrow logos, model code and revision.

LPC-4350-DB1 rev.X

where X is the number of the revision.

3. Errata: Rev. B - Rev. C

3.1 Boot Select

The printed table for boot select modes on the bottom side of demoboard is incorrect.

Problem Fix/Workaround

Use table from instead.

3.2 SDCard-flash board

Pin 66 can't be used for SD_CLK because it is used for ENET_RX_CLK. Even when ethernet is not in use, PHY pull downs this pin.

Problem Fix/Workaround

CLK2 (pin 30 of J5) signal can be used for SD_CLK. User must disconnect pin 66 and connect pin 30 instead of it.


Standard USBDEV_ROM\Usb_MassStorage example from can be used to test it. It is needed to comment the following lines in the usbd_msc_sdio.c file.

//#define NGX_BOARD

It is also suggested to comment #define ENABLE_WRITE_MODE.