IPC (Inter-Process Communication) Blinking

Source code can be downloaded from source:/Examples/IPC_Blinking

This is advanced inter-process communication demo showing loading M0 program by the M4 core and communication using event interrupts.

To run this demo you need:

Build IPC_Blinking_M0 project. It will create CM0_image.h file (using post-build command). This file contains M0 binary represented as an array, which can be included in M4 program.

Run second instance of IAR EWB environment and build IPC_Blinking_M4 project.

Start debugging IPC_Blinking_M4 and run program or step up to "while (!m0started);" (line 110, M0 code must be loaded by M4 core).

Switch back to IPC_Blinking_M0 project, start debugging WITHOUT DOWNLOAD and run the program.

Run M4 program and press any button on the LPC-4350-DB1 board.